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Portland’s top commercial real estate projects for 2022

July 15, 2022

Amaterra Winery has won the 2022 Transformer Award from Portland Business Journal.

“With the Portland community in a time of transformation, it’s only fitting that we take a look at those groups that are leading the way, in often-innovative fashions, as Oregon undergoes changes. The Portland Business Journal’s 2022 Transformer Awards, which’ll be handed out at an Aug. 3 program, features a wide array of winning commercial real estate projects. The program honors developers, contractors, architects, engineers and subcontractors from Oregon and Southwest Washington.”

Amaterra winery boasts expansive valley views, a 12-acre vineyard, chef-driven restaurant, and indoor/outdoor event spaces including an outdoor event lawn. The top-level, which houses the restaurant and event spaces, is wood framed with a multi-gabled roof structure that emulates the west hills. The building appears to be one story from the upper entrance, but reveals a three-story concrete structure nestled into the hillside as you walk toward the vineyard. Waterleaf Architecture was tasked with bringing to life the owner’s vision throughout the building architecture and winery.

GBD Architects was retained for the interior design of the third level (approximately 17,000 SF) that features the restaurant, event center, offices, and gallery space. Design inspiration came from another of the region’s defining features – its abundant source of water that flows down the mountain valleys in streams and creeks. A primary goal for the interior was to create a unique and honest space that could stand on its own without competing with the coveted views.

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