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I-5 Rose Quarter Improvement

Portland, OR

Rip City Management (RCM) engaged GBD and a local transportation designer to assess the I-5 Rose Quarter Improvement Project – and ambitious proposed redesign of the I-5 Freeway’s interchange at Broadway/Weidler in N/NE Portland. The project included extensive improvements to the freeway and local street network, as well as opportunities for new development on top of new covers. GBD compiled a comprehensive existing conditions analysis that described the evolution and current uses of the Rose Quarter’s transportation network. GBD worked with the RCM team as well as project staff from both the City of Portland and the Oregon Department of Transportation.

The GBD team assessed the “Hybrid Option 3” proposed design according to three important criteria critical to RCM and event operations: Pedestrian/Bicycle safety, Event Management and District Character/Redevelopment Potential. GBD proposed concepts for mitigation strategies that could improve the Hybrid Option 3 design while addressing the criteria important to Rip City Management. The review process for GBD’s assessment work necessitated recurring meetings with leadership at the City of Portland, the Oregon Department of Transportation, the Metro Regional Government and local community organizations.  


Rip City Management (RCM)

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