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Portland, Oregon

GBD completed a new corporate office for the software company, Mozilla. Located on the third floor of the Blitz-Weinhard Brewhouse Tower in Portland’s Brewery Blocks, the office is approximately 7,400 sq feet.

One of the main goals in Mozilla’s new space was to facilitate a more open, collaborative environment. Designers achieved this using the following strategies:

  • Creating an open office space plan, which created uniformity among the employees;
  • Locating several casual, open work zones throughout the office (with various seating groupings) for informal meetings;
  • Providing several video conference, meeting, and phone rooms (of varying sizes); and
  • Locating the break room in the front of space, encouraging employees to use as a meeting area.

The main conference room includes a NanaWall operable glass wall system, which has the ability to open up the entire room to the front area by the break room and entry creating one large collaborative/gathering area when needed.

Other innovative design ideas include: exposed ceiling structure; exposed and clear-coated concrete floor in the entry; usable, tackable felt wall in the video conference rooms (to help with acoustics and give a pop of color); custom, back-painted glass whiteboard surfaces in the video conference rooms; a “mobile collaboration room” with cork feature wall; reclaimed/recycled wood products; bicycle storage and locker rooms; and locally-sourced materials.

Mozilla’s new Portland office was completed in September 2013.


7,400 sf



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