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Oregon State Treasury Resiliency Building

Salem, OR

The Oregon State Treasury Office Building is a state-of-the-art resilient building. The 2-story, 35,805 square foot building is the first in Oregon to be certified United States Resiliency, Platinum in addition to Net Zero, LEED Gold, and the first USRC base isolated structure in the United States. The building will have complete redundancy including 238kw photovoltaic array, back-up generator, redundant domestic water & sewer.

The facility is a demonstration of resilient design, designed to protect occupants from a Cascadia Subduction Zone magnitude 9.0 earthquake, foods, wildfires, algae blooms, pandemics, windstorms, and/or a volcanic eruption. It is designed to be operational 24 hours, post-disaster for the 100 full-time OST staff, as well as support staff from other state agencies.

GBD and consultant teams integrated resiliency into the design in all aspects including structural base isolation, passive ventilation, heating, lighting, and on-site power-water-sewer capacities.

Click following link to tour the virtual walk through of the building. Oregon State Treasury Virtual Tour

Sustainable features include:

  • Solar photovoltaics with battery storage sized to sustain operation for at least 96 hours without a utility grid connection
  • Electrical distribution structured into three distinct branches – normal, critical, and life safety – to achieve the necessary loads for continued operation
  • Battery energy storage system & generator 4+ days of emergency power
  • Base isolated to withstand Cascadia event (9.0 quake) without structural damage
  • 238kW rooftop PV array generates more power than it uses (net zero)
  • Carbon reduction of 40% (10 acres of forest)
  • Radiant floor heating and operable windows linked to DOAS
  • Clerestory operable windows for passive ventilation and daylighting
  • Server Room heat recovery system
  • Biophilic design for employee health
  • Alternate water and septic systems
  • The building has been modeled to consume 43%less energy than an ASHRAE 90.1-2016 baseline, exceeding the target of a 30% reduction and meeting the Oregon SEED requirement of 20% below Oregon Energy Code
  • The project will also meet the requirements of Energy Trust of Oregon’s Path to Net Zero incentive with an EUI that aligns with Architecture 2030 Challenge milestones (target of < 14 kBtu/sf/year, currently modeled EUI is less than 5 kBtu/sf/year)
  • A facility life expectancy of 100 years

36,000 sf


PJs Land Development LLC


United States Resiliency Platinum


AIA Oregon 2030 Commitment Award

National Association of Landscape Professionals - Gold

Northwest Ceiling Bureau - Project of the Year

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